Boys Full-Time Hifz School

Milton Qur’an Institute in collaboration with Tarbiyah Elementary School is offers Boys Full-Time Hifz School.

ILM Camp

Learn Islam through the Qur’an & the life of our beloved Prophet peace be upon him and his companions in a fun and exciting environment.

Girls Full-Time Hifz School

Milton Qur’an Institute in collaboration with Tarbiyah Elementary School is introducing Girls Full-Time Hifz School.

Sunday Islamic School

Living in this era, it is vital for our children and youth to understand their religion on a basic level so it is easier for them to relate and deal with all matters in accordance to the teachings of Islam.

We will take your hand to the holy land

As the Hajj season approaches, MQI in collaboration with Falcon Travel brings you affordable and substantial Hajj packages.

Welcome to MQI

Milton Qur’an Institute specializes in offering Qur’an and Islamic Studies courses for children, youth and adults of all ages. Additionally, fun and educational camps integrated with Islamic teachings are organized during winter, march & summer breaks.  Various periodic courses including Arabic, Priniciples of Tajweed, Taleemul Qur’an etc are also available for the benefit of our community.

study streams

Qur’an & Tajweed

Milton Qur’an Institute offers basic and advanced Qur’an reading with correct principles of Tajweed & Tarteel for Canadian Muslim children ages 4 & up.

Sunday Islamic School

Our Sunday Islamic School offers a combination of Islamic Studies and Quranic Reading, Tafseer, Hadeeth, Tawheed, Fiqh, Seerah and Dua memorization.

March Break Camp

Give your child a fun filled break! It’s time to instil love for Islam and inherit the qualities of a good Muslim through the teachings of Quran & Sunnah in an enjoyable environment.

Qur'an Memorization

MQI Hifz program aims to provide full-time and part-time potential for students aspiring towards completing memorization of the Qur’an.

Islamic Studies

This course is specifically designed for Canadian Muslim children ages 4 & up. In this course students will learn, proper Islamic belief & Islamic mannerism.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts can help your child learn many significant lessons which are vital to physical, mental and emotional growth. UMMA Martial Arts is an auxiliary system which focuses on promoting such skills. Through this active curriculum children will in shaa Allaah develop self confidence.

Sisters’ Taleemul Quran

This course is specifically designed for sisters who would like to Understand the Qur’an directly in Arabic (by word to word Translation), Tafseer & Tajweed.

Islamic School

Tarbiyah Elementary School (TES) is a full-time Islamic school, dedicated to nurturing students with Islamic and innovative educational methods.

My Prayer

An intensive and detailed six months salah course. Learn the importance, meaning, and method of Salah. Connect with Allaah through His special Gift